Bowmore around Europe this Autumn

This Autumn we will be touring around Europe and coming to lots of events. We have a full event list on the site, below are some of my highlights:

September - Copernicker Whiskyherbst, Berlin

September - Whisky Luxe, Edinburgh

September - Whisky Live, Paris

September / October - Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, Stockholm

October - Whisky Weekend, Salzburg

October - Berlin Bar Convent, Berlin

October - Whisky Live, Barcelona

November - Spirits in the Sky, Belgium

November - Interwhisky, Frankfurt

November - Milan Whisky Festival, Milan

November - Whisky Live Den Haag, The Hague

November - Glasgow's Whisky Festival, Glasgow

November / December - Whiskyschiff, Zurich

We will of course have our full range to sample plus some special releases so be sure to come along and see us and check for masterclasses too, always something special to sample!

 Interwhisky1A large crowd awaiting the Bowmore seminar at Interwhisky 2011

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