The Kiln

Next we need to dry the malt in a kiln to temporarily halt the germination process. Heat and smoke billow up from beneath the kiln floor and filter through the green malt, giving it a smoky smell and taste.

  • Bowmore burns hand-cut peat from the distillery's Laggan Moss peat bank.
  • Peat is decayed vegetation, such as grasses, heathers and mosses, which has lain in peat bogs for literally thousands of years.
  • Caffing has reduced our peat consumption from 18 tonnes per week to just two or three tonnes.
  • The air temperature above the kiln bed reaches 65°C-70°C.
  • Burning the peat for 15 hours gives us the distinctive smokiness we're looking for.
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Master Distiller

Eddie began his days at Bowmore in July 1966 working in the warehouses. He then moved to the Maltbarns gradually working throughout the distillery before earning his title as Master Distiller.

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