10 Years Old | 54.9% abv | ‘Tempest’: A violent storm of high winds, rain, snow, or hail.

First the storm ... then the calm.

Matured in first-fill ex-bourbon casks, our Master Blender has selected a range of casks that create a tropical storm for the sixth series. One moment your face is washed by the full force of a typhoon, with its salty sea tang. Then next you feel the warmth of the sun’s golden rays on your skin as the clouds disperse and a magical calm descends. Welcome to Islay, where the seasons, moods and flavours all collide.

So far we have released six batches of the Tempest Batch numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.


Tasting Notes

Tempest Batch No. 6 - 54.9% ABV

On the eye deep gold.

Breathe in a tropical fruit explosion of sweet mandarin, zingy pineapple and papaya.

Sip toasted coconut, sweet almond and mellow peat.

Savour passion fruit, pomegranate and tropical ocean dew finish.


Tempest Batch No. 5 - 55.9% ABV

On the eye deep gold. 

Breathe in white peaches, nectarines and juicy cassis with fresh lime.

Sip a wave of vanilla, juicy bursts of mandarin, tangy lime and cassis.

Savour rippling layers of nectarine and bourbon vanilla on a salty ocean breeze. 


Tempest Batch No. 4 - 55.1% ABV

On the eye deep gold. 

Breathe in menthol and sweet coconut fused toasted vanilla.

Sip bursts of tangy ripe clementines, lemon sherbet and grapefruit.

Savour rippling layers of citrus, bourbon vanilla spice and wispy smoke. 


Tempest Batch No. 3 - 55.6% ABV

On the eye bright, golden summer barley. 

Breathe in Seville orange zest with Islay peat smoke.

Sip initally dry but giving way to reveal orange blossom and an atlantic sea-salt tang.

Savour lingering warming peat. 


Tempest Batch No. 2 - 56% ABV

On the eye warm gold.

Breathe in dry peat smoke perfectly balanced by delicious zesty lemon pepper.

Sip initial bursts of lemon pepper followed by the signature Bowmore peaty set salt tang. The citrus returns at the end adding balance and complexity to the mouth feel.

Savour fresh lemon pepper.


Tempest Batch No. 1 - 55.3% ABV

On the eye bright summer gold.

Breathe in earthy smoke and brine water.

Sip bursts of citrus, lemons and oranges.

Savour the distinct peaty Islay character and sea-salt tang. 



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  • U Pi

    5 star rating

    Lovely whiskies! Unfortunately I haven't met batch 3 at all, and failed to buy a couple of extra bottles of batch 1.

    David Yawney

    5 star rating

    Fantastic, wonderful fruit notes with a nice dollop of smokey peat.

    Tom Alexander

    4 star rating

    The Tempest Batch No. 3 is fantastic value, a wonderful Bowmore that I shan't forget.

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